Jamaica Pond

Preserving Nature in the City: A Daily Walk Around Jamaica Pond

Every morning I walk around Jamaica Pond with my camera in one hand and my dog in the other. What started as a daily walk has become my morning meditation and reflection on the role nature has played in my life. Each day I observe young and old alike walk, run, read, fish, sail, play music and relax along the Pond’s edges. As I walk around the Pond I encounter unexpected wonders of nature such as bald eagles, blue herons, turtles and swans.

Jamaica Pond exists within the City of Boston at the intersection of stately mansions, family homes, triple-deckers, condominiums and apartments. The winding Jamaica Way that surrounds the Pond was built for horses not automobiles so there are traffic jams caused by those rushing to and from work. Drivers honk, folks ride bicycles and pedestrians walk to their destination within view of the 68-acre Jamaica Pond which is the largest body of water within the City of Boston.

Jamaica Pond offers a refuge from busy lives and access to nature within the City. This project highlights our shared responsibility to protect natural spaces within urban environments, and the hope that future generations will benefit from the wonders of the Pond.